Vehicle Overview

An enclosed SUV or Truck carrier has vinyl or metal siding which will protect your vehicle from the elements.  This option is frequently used by owners of exotic and/or classic vehicles. The added protection offered by enclosed transport and the faster delivery time (due to enclosed carriers carrying fewer vehicles), often results in a significantly higher cost than an open carrier.  However, this is a great option for those who prefer to receive a vehicle that was not exposed to the elements during transport.

Top Deck Guarantee +$100

The majority of auto carriers (open and enclosed transporters) transport vehicles on two levels or decks.  By paying the additional cost to have your vehicle positioned on the top level, you eliminate the potential of fluids leaking from other vehicles onto your car or truck.  We highly recommend owners of convertibles to purchase this option. Our “top load guaranteed” option is a $100 add-on option. Although, you have the option of requesting your preference for “top load”, which is free, it does not guarantee a top load position.

*Subject to availability.

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